By nature, this style of writing is more conversational.  In the examples below, technical details are presented in an accessible manner.  The goal is to address and include topics that are complicated, but explain them in a clear manner.

The document below was an example I wrote about my present car.  My goal with this report was to describe my impressions of this car after driving it for 5 years and 75,000 miles.  This report has personal opinions mixed in with general data about the car.  This gives the reader an understanding of the high level technical details along with my comments.

5 years with a Cruze

The following links will go to blogs about plywood veneer.  The write-ups provide a highly technical, but understandable, description of these wood products.  This was done for the marketing company Adpearance.

Plywood Veneer Drying

The Ins and Outs of Reconstituted Veneer

This is a the spring 2017 quarterly newsletter for Timber Products Company.  Adpearance put the newsletter together based on text I provided for the articles “Get to Know: The One-Step and Two Step Process, Wood Veneers: Emerging Species, Mill Spotlight: Grants Pass Oregon, Does it Pass the Test? A look at The Ampine Lab and Finding the Right Cut.”

Spring 2017 Newsletter

This is the summer 2017 Timber Products Company newsletter.  I contributed the articles on Melamine and Apex.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Performance Racing Industry publishes a monthly magazine for the automotive racing equipment industry.  The following are my articles published in the magazine.

Road Race Driveline.  Article starting on page 76 in the May 2017 edition.

Cylinder Heads  Article starting on page 84 in the July 2017 edition.

Cutters and Abrasives.  Article starting on page 28 in the August 2017 edition

Suspension Components.  Article starting on page 90 in the September 2017 edition

Motorsports Testing.  Article starts on page 126 in the November 2017 edition

Video Logging and Data Acquisition.  Article starts on page 26 in the January 2018 edition

Drag Racing Cylinder Heads.  Article starts on page 80 in the February 2018 edition

Chassis Setup Equipment.  Article starts on page 58 in the March 2018 edition

Connecting Rods.  Article starts on page 48 in the April 2018 edition

Parts Cleaning Equipment.  Article starts on page 68 in the May 2018 edition

Performance Crankshafts.   Article starts on page 80 in the June 2018 edition

Motorsports Sensors.  Article starts on page 76 in the July 2018 edition

Metals and Composites.   Article starts on page 108 in the October 2018 edition

Race Track Safety.  Article starts on page 190 in the November 2018 edition

Aerospace Testing International publishes articles and provides information on a complete range of testing information.

Drone Testing  Article starts on page 50 of the March 2019 edition

Ruggedized Electronics.  Article starts on page 34 of the June 2019 edition

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